Estate Web Videos

for Your Website or Youtube

Realtors: Picture this... instant showings of any of your listings any where, anytime and you don't even have to leave your office.

You put on quite a few miles showing properties to prospective buyers. A lot of the time it's often a waste of your time...and gas!

Prospective buyers also invest many hours and many miles of their time driving to & looking at properties.

Many prospective buyers don't act on their first impulse to "shop" if they have to sit back, re-schedule their lives, find a dog sitter etc. You may never see or hear from a lot of these potential customers. A lost market.

Omega Point Multi Media will produce a "walk around / virtual tour" video for you of any property that you want. It will be of the highest professional quality. We shoot on High Definition wide screen video which just jumps off of the screen with sharp detail, eye popping close ups, stunning wide views & dazzling colors. We can shoot the "angles" and views that will showcase the property at it's best, edit it into a beautiful video that will impress the buyer, the seller & yourself.

By having a Video of your listings on your website that they can just "click to visit" the property or watch a full length DVD of a particular listing while in their own living room, they may be interested enough to come up & see you sometime... with THE particular property in mind.

Think of that ...they have already  "been there" & have seen it and are very interested and you haven't put on one mile or wasted valuable hours showing.
 No Fuss... No Muss

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