Omega Point
Multi-Media & Design Services

Artist & Non Profit Services

OmegaPoint does offer our services* to Artists & Non Profit 501-c (3) organizations at reduced rates.

If you are an artist applying for a grant that requires samples of your work submitted along with the application we can help you.

If you are a a church, school, or a non-profit 501 c(3) or (4) organization we can help you.

Some of our non profit services are:
- photograph or video tape samples of artworks, compile/edit & generate a DVD/CD/BluRay for application submission.
- Technical consultations
- Digital conversion & scanning flat art
- Printing
- HD Video effects such as Green Screen
- Audio sound effects editing for installations/stage productions
- Photo manipulations
- Format conversions from video or audio tapes to CD/DVD/BluRay
- High Definition Video Taping services

* Our non profit services are available on a space available basis only.

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