Disc Authoring, Duplication & Mastering
from Omega Point Multi-Media

You've seen those menus on DVDs and BluRay discs. You know the ones at the beginning of the movie that lets you choose what you want to watch like the "behind the scenes" preview or the "special features" or "set up". These are called dynamic menus.

Dynamic menus are just one "invisible" part of what is put on professional DVDs. Have you ever stopped a movie that you're watching and used the reverse button to go back one "chapter"? Well that's another invisible part. Chapters are like bookmarks or reference points that are encoded into the DVD.

If you want to have your DVD or BluRay project mastered for mass production you will need to "Author" it and make a submaster.

Depending on how many copies you want to make you may need to go to a "duplication house" and have a glass master made.

While Omega Point does not do mass duplication or glass mastering we can do small runs up to 500 copies.

We offer DVD, CD or BluRay disc burning, label design, box & packaging.