Special Event Video Taping
from Tamarack Video Productions

Family Reunion Video Taping

Omega Point makes that special, long time coming, never to repeated again, family reunion...special.

Not all family members can afford the time or money to attend... send them a professionally produced video DVD of the event... and keep one for yourself.

We take care to make sure it all gets captured on digital High Definition Videotape. This allows for spectacular standard DVDs to be made. Or if you prefer, stunning Blu-ray discs to view year after year. We release your reunion video on archival quality Gold DVDs that will help ensure that future members of your family get to see their family tree years and years from now.

Graduations Video Taping

You can carry all the video equipment yourself. You can run around getting all of the angles and close ups. You can worry about your camera battery running dry at the critical moment or you can hire Omega Point to get it done right the first time.

We will talk to the graduation coordinator, check their schedules & look for any "red flags" that might keep us from getting the best video for you.

We will do interviews with all of the principles and principals (sorry I couldn't help that), friends, relatives & teachers. We will add music, effects, titles

Sweetheart Videos

You don't have to married to re-affirm your love for each other. Our Sweet Heart Videos are like "mini docs" about you & your loved one. We will stroll through the location of your choice whether it be a sentimental journey through "all the old familiar places" or just a beautiful landscape and "interview" you both about what attracted you to your love, what you like about him/her, how you met, how the two of you fit together, your dreams of the future.

Our videographer will creatively shoot & edit the piece to reflect your feelings for each other. Slow motion video, B&W dissolves, titles, old family photos, new stills of the two of you and the music of your choice will be sculpted to form a most beautiful memory of the two of you that will be a joy to share with your family, friends and most importantly... the one person that you love above all.

Concerts & Theater Productions Video Taping

Whether it is a school play or the school band OmegaPointMultiMedia can put it on tape for you. We do the lugging, we do the worrying we give you a first class video DVD of your event. 

Video Taping concerts with multi cameras ensures full, artistic coverage. We can tape using 24 bit/96khz stereo digital audio equipment that provides incomparable audio mastering.

Copyright rules apply. You must either own the rights to the event/music/play or have written permission from the rights holder to video tape. In addition you must have written permission from the venue operator to shoot there as well.

Community Events, Award Ceremony Video Taping

Put it on tape for history's sake. We can document these special moments for you. Your Awarding Organization, the Award Recipient and your sponsors all would like to have a copy for their own reasons. OmegaPointMultiMedia will "Award" each with a Gold Coated, Archival DVD or BluRay disc of the event.